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September 1980 – January 1981, Issue 2

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The following programs have now been added to the Program Library.

Address all orders to: INMC80, PLEASE NOTE: Interface Components Ltd. c/o Oakfield Corner, are very kindly letting us use their Sycamore Road, address as a Post Box. They cannot AMERSHAM, accept ‘phone calls on our behalf. If Bucks. ___ ___. you have any queries please WRITE. Ta.

NASBUG Programs

T44 Black Box V1.1 by G.M.Clarke 0.90 A game based on the cloud chamber experiment to discover atomic structure.

T45 Universal Chess Clock V1.1 by G.M.Clarke 0.60 Provides a chess clock for Standard, Allegro, and Lightening chess games.

T46 Factorial Viel by J.Haigh 0.50 Evaluates factorial of N up to 900 digits precision on an unexpanded Nascom 1.

T47 Powers of 2. V1.1 by J.Haigh 0.40 Evaluates powers of 2 up to 2 to the power of 4250 on an unexpanded Nascom 1.

T48 Chomp V1.1 by J-Haigh 0.90 A NIM type game, played on a rectangular array of points.

2K TINY BASIC Programs

TBL Simple Line Editor V1.1 by J.Hi11 0.20 Assembly language routines to add line editing functions to 2K TINY BASIC.

TB2 String Package V1.1 by J-Hill 0.70 Assembly langyage routines to add string handling to 2K TINY BASIC.

TB3 Stock Exchange V1.1 by J-E-Hawkins 0.15 Play the Stock Market.


UK customers please add 30p for the first program, plus 5p for each additional program. For overseas orders these charges are 60p and 15p. All cheques to be payable to me, oops, INMC80.


All INMC and INMC80 back issues are available ex-stock. Because of reprint {ests we have reluctantly had to inerease the price of these:

INMC 1 50p INMC 2-7 1.00 each INMC80-1 1.00

Postage. UK orders add 35p for one issue, plus 10p for each additional issue. Overseas orders 70p and 20p respectively.

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