INMC 80 News


February-April 1981, Issue 3

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INMC 80 NEWS Issue: 3

February–April 1981


Page 1This is it.
Page 2Chairman’s Letter.
Page 3Editorial.
Page 4Letters to the Editor.
Page 16Expand your RAM A to 48K.
Page 18‘Opinion’.
Page 20Doctor Dark’s Diary – 8.
Page 22Local Clubs and Groups.
Page 23Disk Systems.
Designing a disk system.
Page 24Gemini/D-DOS Review.
Page 27Keyboard/Disk Problem.
Multi-mapping a Nascom 2.
Page 30“IMPERSONAL’ Column.
Page 31Hardware Review.
I/O Systems Graphics Board.
Classified Ads.
Page 32Teach Yourself Z80 – Part 3.
Page 38Relocatable Programs.
Page 39Some Printer Tales.
Page 42A Video Problem.
Page 43Yet another PRINT USING routine.
Moot Point.
Page 44Instant Diagnosis – your problems answered.
Page 46Book Review.
Machine Code Programming for the N1 & 2.
Page 47Musical Nascoms.
Page 48Lawrence, where are you?
Page 49Stringy Floppies.
Page 51Saving Stings in BASIC.
Page 52Restart Jump for the Nascom 1.
Page 54/55Advertisements.

PLEASE NOTE. INMC’s Amersham address is used by INMC80 purely as a postbox. It is not possible for personal or telephone callers to obtain any INMC80 services.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE. INMC80 is run by a voluntary committee on a part-time basis, and it is not possible for us to become involved in technical correspondence. Please contact your NASCOM distributor for this.

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