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February–April 1981, Issue 3

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How to save strings or string arrays on tape in BASIC.

by David Reddington

One of the shortcomings of Microsoft’s 8k BASIC as implemented on a Nascom is its inability to CSAVE string arrays. Even to save numeric data requires the whole numeric array to be saved when perhaps only a few elements contain valid data.

The way round this problem is to utilise the ability of NAS-SYS to change the destination of the output. Change the reflection at SOUT (0C73 or 3187 Decimal) from 077F (CRT) to 077B (SRLX) thus:

10 DOKE 3187,1915

All subsequent PRINT statements will print to tape until output is switched back by a DOKE 3187,1919.

NOTE: a DOKE 3187,1914 will cause all output to go to both the CRT and the CASSETTE.

A typical program might be:–

To Load the data you merely:–

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