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February–April 1981 · Issue 3

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Execute the program at 0D00, and then type keys, different keys will result in different notes.

I prefer to program in Basic, so how do we use Basic to work the PIO. Answer, read the manual and you will find that

OUT 6,15

sets the PIO to the output mode, note that 15 is the decimal of 0FH. To output from the PIO in Basic, use


where A is a decimal value between 0 and 255. We can now write a program to play a simple tune, in the following example I used the machine code program to find the notes, converting the character displayed to decimal, and then putting the number into the data. Happy tune playing.

National Anthem

Option to give a mandolin effect insert the following

M. L. Trim

Very Official

HELP! Has anybody seen Lawrence since this shot was taken in INMC80-1? Have the Police got him? Where is Heloise? Don’t watch this space for further details.

Page 48 of 55