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February-April 1981, Issue 3

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Local Clubs and Groups

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Below is a list of names and addresses of people who would like to contact others in their area with a view to self-help, starting a local club, and probably a good excuse for a drink or three! If any other people would like to start something along these lines, then just send us a note of your name, address and/or telephone number.

(Preferably on the back of a fiver!!)

"Would any Nascomaniacs or other interested parties in the West Kent area contact one of us with a view to forming an informal local group."

"I am willing to start a local club in the Maidstone area."

"I will be happy to give any help I can to Irish Nascom users – I know how much comfort it was to me to know that the various complaints I ran into baffled someone else as well as myself!"

"A computer club has been formed around the Southend College of Technology. If there are any interested members in the Southend-on-Sea area, please contact me."

"T would like to get in touch with any Nascom owners in my area."

"At the Anglia Computer User Group we would like to start a Nascom group. Would any interested parties please contact us-"

"I feel that Nascom users in Scotland should get together to help each other out with our various problems, and with this purpose in mind 1 would suggest that any Nascom users in Scotland who would like to meet or form a club please contact me to discuss this matter further."


Chris Wallwork Tunbridge Wells 37682 Ray Szatkowski Tonbridge 355960

C. Affleck-Stewart 17 Kennington Close Maidstone, Kent.

Rory 0’Farrell Tinode


Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 01-582285


128 LT Wakering LT Wakering Southend-on-Sea. 0702-218456

Jean Michel Guiter Lycee Denis Poisson 45300 Pithiviers, France.

Anglia Computer Users Group 88 St. Benedicts Street Norwich, Norfolk.

J. Brown 17 Albert Ave Glasgow G42 8RB.

Someone has written in complaining about our spelling (although also admitting the articles are ‘generally’(?) accurate). I aks yuo?

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