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February–April 1981 · Issue 3

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Doctor Dark’s Diary

Ongoing Hard­ware Situation

Everyone will, I hope, be glad to hear that Marvin is now fully recovered from his recent illness. The problem was finally traced to two places; even after the 8 amp p.s.u. had been replaced (it was producing spikes at about 10 MHz) there was still the occaisional glitch. An oscilloscope revealed that there was noise on the mains, even when the scope itself was the only thing switched on in the house. If you find you have this problem, (and be very careful how you look for it, please, as I don’t want to lose any readers!) there is a simple cure, that is very cheap. Wire into the plug that goes into the back of the 8 amp unit a “delta capacitor”. The 3 amp unit never needed this, and I am not sure why the huge capacitor in the 8 amp unit doesn’t seem to stop all the noise. Delta caps are available from Maplin, and if you haven’t got their catalogue, I don’t know how you manage. Perhaps you all live near component shops?


There are three reasons for this section:

1.To help me to find more things to write about, thus preventing us all from becoming bored to death by unknown opcodes (however, see really interesting section, further on).
2.To make life easier for the committee by enabling those of you who want to write to me about this column, or any other vaguely Nascom related subject, to write direct. (Far be it from me to mention the fact that this would mean I got your letters a little sooner, on account of how busy the committee are!)
3.There really were three reasons, but I am not sure what the final one was. Perhaps I just want to get lots of post!

Anyway, my name and address are as follows:

Chris Blackmore,
__ _____ ____,
____ ___

I don’t promise to answer all, or even any letters, in case there is a great flood of them; I will try to, however. I’ve just remembered reason number three. The idea was to speed up the appearance of feed-back generated by these articles, which, in combination with the hoped for (I have this in writing from a member of the committee!) reduction in the gaps between issues of INMC80, should make it easier to understand whatever is that I am rambling on about..... Dare I mention that I have just thought of a fourth reason? Yes. Anyone near here want to start a sort of informal Nascom fan club?


I think it would be a good thing to let the users of the mystery system that is Nasbus compatible share our magazine. Mind you, heaven knows what the users of the Gemini (or is that the wrong name?) will make of this column!


Once upon a time, yours truly used to write several draft versions of each of these episodes. Then they would be typed out, and sent to INMC80, who re-typed them before printing them. This was time consuming, as well as unkind to trees. (Some of my

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