Spring 1979 · Issue 2

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INMC NEWS issue 2

International Nascom Microcomputer Club

It is with great pleasure, and relief, that I write this preface to the second newsletter. I have always wanted the INMC to be run by hobbyists and certainly not by Nascom. My staff will, of course, continue to do the donkey work in answering your queries and collating and printing the newsletter.

As you will see as you get further into this newsletter, I have persuaded various London-based hobbyists to become an INMC Committee. We have been very fortunate in persuading David Hunt to chair this committee. They layout their ideas later on. However, I would immediately say that they have a totally free hand in the running of INMC, they are entitled to publish in the INMC News any relevant Nascom information, be it complimentary or otherwise, that they feel is worthwhile with the exception of any detrimental comments against a Nascom competitor.

I hope that you will really start to support them fully now and that the INMC can become the force that it should be within hobbyist and other computing and that its value to the Nascom user in particular will be significant.

I wish you all every success and hope that the Club library will now show an enormous upturn for the better,

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