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May–September 1981, Issue 4

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There is a BOOB in INMC80/3. In the drawing of the Reset Jump circuit, pins 1 and 15 of the 74LS257 should be interchanged. The circuit works very nicely, and I have it running. I also changed my clock link to 4MHz, with great success.

R. O’Farrell, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


I am writing to reply to David Pasrkinsons letter in Issue 3.

Dear David, Your letter on documentation was very stimulating and prompts me to answer. Rather than take up your numbered questions I will get straight to the point.

I would like to see source listings included and would be more than happy to pay the increased costs. This is for two reasons:–

  1. Having the source code enables me to easily tailor the program to my needs.
  2. I have learnt much by studying program listings – particularly yours! (Revas is an excellent program.) I have just purchased a 1K program from a fellow in Glasgow that interfaces to a Selectric printer. It came with a commented source listing and the cassette tape also contained a Zeap file of the source code! This is perfect. I couldn’t ask for more. I wish other authors would follow suit.

So – please make your toolkit source available as it would make the product twice as valuable as far as I am concerned.

B. Gilchrist, West Sussex.


Just a note in case anyone has missed it. The magic method in Appendix III of the NASPEN Firmware Manual will not only recover a text from cold start but also from ‘KILL’.

If you have killed your text by accident, what you do is as follows:

Leave NASPEN by typing ‘N’.
Type ‘M101A’ new line (backspace over the ‘n’ if it is there)
Type ‘12 10 2.’ new line
Type ‘E B806’ new line (NASPEN warm start)
Press space bar twice.
Step to end of text using only new line and the space bar; don’t go further than the last character in your text.
Type ‘K’ then ‘Y’.
Type ‘Z’ and remove strange character at beginning of text (use ‘I’ and back space). Incidentally if you get the cursor stuck to the left of it just press cursor arrow down.
Replace missing characters at beginning of text and reset line length and page length (1 & 2, 3 & 4).

Hope this saves someone some typing.

P. Copping, Manchester.

Printers and Naspen

Although I have had my Nascom 2 for a year or so now, I have only just made a subscription to the news letter as I wished to wait for it to establish itself and to contain a little more information and articles on the 2 rather than the 1.

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