INMC 80 News


May-September 1981, Issue 4

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OCF2 C1 0770 FOF BC

OCF3 Fi 0786 FOF AF

OCF4 CDE619 0790 CALL £L9E6

OCF7 C9 0800 RET

OCFS O0000000 0810 DEFE 0600 00 0 03 FILL


opo00 FS 0830 CALLS FUSH AF

oD01 CS 0840 FUSH BC

ODO2 046464 o8so LD B, 100

OD04 3EZ0 0860 LFS LD A, £20

ob046 D300 0870 OUT (0), 4

OD08 BES63 0880 LD Ay £463

ODGA FF 0890 RST £38

ODOR D300 0900 QUT (0), A

ODOD 3E63 0910 LD A, £63

ODOF FF 0920 RST £38

OD10 10F2 0930 DUNZ LPS

ObizZ CL 0940 POF BC

ODigs Fil 0950 FOF AF

0OD14 CDE618 0960 CALL £18E6

OD1i7 C9 0970 RET 0980 7 If you feel that "PLAYER" flashes too 0990 } many times, change £1CCA 1000 3} After loading and modifying, write a 1010 ;

tape from £0C80 to £2600.

Once again a list of NASCOM USERS anxious to communicate with others in their respective areas.

KENT – I would like to help form a club/exchange information! Contact L.S. Fisher, __, _______ ______, St.Stephens, Canterbury, ___ ___.

SCOTLAND (West of) – I would like to make contact with other Nascom users. Mr. Tom Donald, _ _______ ______, Glasgow, ___ ___- (___-___ ____).

N.IRELAND – Help me set up a club! write to Mr. R- A- Lough, __ _______ ____, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.

ESSEX (Ilford). Anyone willing to help form a local group please contact Mr- S$. P. Lee, __ _______ _____, ILFORD, Essex, ___ ___.

BELFAST, N. Ireland – my friend and I are keen to form a local users club. Anyone interested please contact Mr. R. T. Martin, __ _________ ____, Belfast, ___ ___.

HELP NEEDED – Any Nascomaniacs in my area? I’m awful lonely – and struggling! Mr. D. Platt, _ _____ ___ _____, Machen, NEWPORT, Gwent, ___ ___, Mid Glamorgan, S. Wales.

HELP OFFERED – "I work in the engineering department of Plessey where there are several NASCOM 2 owners, (plus ZX81’s, Tandy’s etc of the uneducated). If is not beyond the wit of man that if you need someone to help out with answers to hardware and system questions I will have a go!" Mr. P. R. Verity, 11 Liberty Lane, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 1LU.

A NEW COMPUTER MAGAZINE. The first issue of "YOUR COMPUTER" contained articles on Basic language, kit building techniques, a page to answer technical queries plus games ete etc.

Computer Club will be a regular section of the magazine where members of local

computer clubs can write advising new discoveries, special events/projects, flad general advice about how to start and run a club. Let’s get them interested in Nascom’s! – submit your progs and ideas to: Your

Computer, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey SM25AS.

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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