Christmas 1979 · Issue 5

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Assembler Features ZEAP 1.1 ZEAP 2.0 ZEN V & T
Does it work? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Error handling All lines in error displayed All lines in error displayed Stops on first error Displays all errors.
Pseudo-ops Only some object code displayed for DEFB, DEFW, DEFM. Better than ZEAP 1.1 but only first four bytes displayed. Excellent, all codes displayed. Non-standard. Standard Pseudo ops.
Hex numbers Must have £ prefix £ prefix or H suffix H suffix, also Octal. Hex is the default, decimal numbers have a decimal point.
Arithmetic operators + – + – All four arithmetic plus OR, AND logical operators + –
Listing VDU or printer VDU or printer VDU or printer VDU only.
Symbol table No Yes, sorted and includes line number reference Yes, sorted by first letter only. No
Cross reference table No No No No
Object code destination. Nowhere​/memory​/memory displaced​/tape. Nowhere​/memory​/memory displaced​/tape. Nowhere​/memory​/memory displaced​/tape. Memory, actual location only – but see above for relocating feature.
Speed Rather slow – 10 mins to generate 2K Pre-release copy as Zeap 1.1. Sigma working on speeding it up. Fast – 4000 lines a minute claimed. Fast.
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