Autumn 1979 · Issue 4

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INMC NEWS issue 4

I must say I am enormously impressed with the continuing standard of newsletters that your Committee is producing. I am sure you will agree that this fourth issue is yet again an advance. Many people have been good enough to write to me and mention their delight with the high quality of article and instruction that the previous three have contained. I think David Hunt and his colleagues deserve an enormous amount of praise.

However, I would again, boringly, ask you all to search your desks and briefcases and minds and see if you cannot put pen to paper or printer to telex and send us something to include in the next one. As you will see, this fourth issue contains considerably more external product but it is still, to a great extent, produced by the few.

I am glad to say that many of the hobby clubs have now come forward with an INMC Committee Member and that we can soon produce an International Committee which represents the areas where Nascoms are dominating or just surviving. Obviously, as a Director of Nascom as well as the President of the INMC, I am delighted to find that most hobby clubs have more Nascom Users than any other single product and, in many cases, they are more than 50% of the club. I always tell people that this is because the dedicated members are highly intelligent and being highly intelligent they obviously bought Nascoms.

News from Nascom is that most of the products talked about by too many people for too long are, in fact, about to appear and as they will all tend to expand their systems the INMC should also expand with them and certainly the software library could become very interesting over the next year with large disc systems and with extensively programmable graphics.

Many people have been asking Nascom to make Nas-Sys available to the Nascom-1 Users. Although quite willing to do this, we are hesitant to suggest to somebody who has used a Nascom-1 successfully for many months that he should now change his monitor and start again. Perhaps you would drop us a brief note just mentioning whether you are for or against that. Please do not make it too long as we get hundreds of letters and just reading them takes a long time.

Finally, please note that the Nascom Marketing and Sales Department, and therefore the INMC Secretariat, is moving back to __ _____ ______, Chesham, as from 5th October 1979, and that all correspondence, etc., should be sent there.

Kerr Borland
President INMC

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