Christmas 1979, Issue 5

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If we are lucky INMC will make a competition of it. If I am unlucky I will have to judge it!


Will the Nascom 4 sack its designer? Can you run eight Z8000’s off one crystal? Will Darkbug ever be finished? Is anyone reading this? When will the INMC library contain a Chess program?


On the next few pages are a selection of programs for virtually all combinations and permutations of Nascom equipment.

For minimum system Nascom 1 with Nasbug or B-Bug:

Go-Karting by J Butcher
Fruit Machine by Anon.
Hangman by D Hunt

For expanded Nascom 1 with Nasbug or B-Bug:

Piranha by J & E Long – adapted by N. Ray.

For expanded Nascom 1 with Tiny Basic:

Jackpot by D Bullock

For expanded Nascom 1 with Super Tiny Basic:

Lord by H Birkett

For Nascom 1 or 2 with 8K Basic:

Eliza by J Shrager, adapted by D Hunt.

Happy Computing!

Page 25 of 38