April/May 1980 · Issue 7

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ZEAP 2.0

Modifications To ZEAP 2.0

Here are details of some “unofficial” modifications to ZEAP which we have found useful. These cure two minor bugs, and provide a valuable new feature :–

Bug 1: After an assembly, the margin to the right of the bottom line is corrupt, which enables the cursor to be moved off the screen, and can cause the top line to move when editing the bottom line. This is cured.

Bug 2: When using the H command to set the number of lines, and then repeatedly using the Z command for editing, it becomes necessary to press a key to display the line to be edited. This is cured.

Additional feature: Type a colon (:) and press ENTER. The message ”Command?” is displayed, and the system waits for you to enter a NAS-SYS command, which is then obeyed. On completion of this command, control remains within ZEAP. This makes it very easy to use the Read and Write commands to save the source file or object program. It can also be useful to use the Tabulate and Modify commands to examine memory locations. To provide this feature it has been necessary to remove the Q command from ZEAP, but this command has been superceded by the J and K commands.

Modifications To ZEAP 2.0 RAM Version

Modifications To ZEAP 2.0 ROM Version

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