Volume 1, Number 3 – November 1981

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Dear Sir,

I must congratulate Chris Blackmore on the clever software used by his Monitor.Com article. Readers may like to know that Nas-Sys 3 can equally well be adapted; however, the addresses at the top of page 13 need to be changed as follows:

0800 – 00 00 00
019B – 21 0A F8
0236 – 11 0A F8
023E – 11 BA FB

0265 – 11 0A F8
0268 – 21 4A F8
0254 – 11 CA FB

Key allocations need to be changed as well, as there are only two ‘spare’ keys available.

If a disc is used, then keys D, F, J, L, Y, Z will probably be unused for there original purpose and several routines may be added, e.g., Handshake, Find, Substitute, etc., as well as the extra routines in the article. At this stage I have dedicated keys as follows:

DDump to disc0788change to 3B 09
FFind bytes078Cchange to 8F 0A *
LLoad from Disc0798change to 06 0A
YReturn to CP/M07B2change to 15 09

* Start address of my routine.

Incidentally, it may not be necessary to type in all of the Nas-Sys as described. If your Nascom can be switched from Nas-Sys to CP/M (see my article in INMC80-3), copy Nas-Sys or Zeap, or whatever into middle memory (4000 to 8000 somewhere) and switch to CP/M. Load in DDT or ZSID and you should still find your program in memory. It can be copied down as required using the M command. Alternatively, if you have R.COM and W.COM (Tape to disc Read and Write routines available from Nascom Dealers) you can transfer your programs that way.

Incidentally I use to think that ED was a pig. Now that I am more used to it I think it is a donkey – a bt hard to drive, but quite capable. One misses the screen editing, which is not even restored by SYS6, but the Macro commands are very useful.

C. Bowden, Stithians, Truro

P.S. I have almost got Zeap 2 (RAM Version) and Naspen VS converted to work with V.D.U. RAM at £F800, but there are a few queer effects. Can anyone, without infringing any copyrights, list the changes needed for 100% success.

Dear Sir

As I am at present working in Germany with the Forces I wonder if anybody else out here has a Nascom; if so perhaps a mini Nascom Club could be started. If so please contact me at the address below.

I have just acquired a Data Dynamics 390 printer, which appears to be normal ASR33 teletype in fancy clothing. I have no circuit diagrams for this printer and do not know how to interface it to my nascom. Can anyone help (Somebody must be using an ASR33 with a Nascom).

A. M. Morfee, Officers Mess
RAF Wildenrath, BFPO 42

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