Volume 1, Number 3 – November 1981

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MICROPOWERVolume 1, No. 3November, 1981


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We asked for your comments on the order forms for issues 3 and 4, and we hope to discuss some of the points raised in details in the next issue. However, the answers did show what a wide range there is in the interests of Nascom Owners, and in their levels of attainment. Many people said, in effect, don’t publish articles for beginners, don’t print games programs, we want articles on advanced hardware and software projects. But at least as many asked for simpler or more detailed explanations of points which they felt were skipped over because the author assumed they were too obvious to need expansion.

We are grateful to all those who took the trouble to send in their comments, and also for the letters and articles that we have received. You can be assured that all are read carefully, and that wherever possible we shall act upon the ideas you send in – so please don’t stop writing.

Many of you asked for games programs, so we shall try to include more of these, although this will annoy the purists. In this issue we have included a program by D. G. Johnson, the author of ‘Graphic Golf’. Although it is a simple and well known game, it demonstrates brilliant use of the Nascom 2 graphics set.

ERRATUM In the article ‘Modifications to Tiny Basic’ on page 15 the eighth line from the bottom should read

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