Volume 1, Number 4 – December 1981

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MICROPOWERVolume 1, No. 4December, 1981


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Eprom Programmer / Reader / CheckerPage 2
The Z800Page 8
Xtal Basic ExtraPage 11
LettersPage 17
Hands on . . . Part the ThirdPage 18
The Magic HexagonPage 23
Nas-Sys MonitorsPage 27
Towers of HanoiPage 31


We must first apologise for the late appearance of this, the December issue of Micropower. New Year’s Resolution – we must do better in 1982. On the basis of the response from readers, and the amount of material we are being sent by contributors, we have decided to produce six issues in 1982 at approximately two-month intervals, the first issue to appear towards the end of February.

The price of Micropower will remain the same – 95p per issue, so a year’s subscription will be £5.70. This includes postage and packing, but only for the British Isles. Please 65p per copy for Europe, £1.05 per copy for printed paper air mail to the rest of the world.

As always, we are still looking for contributors. Write about your pet projects, hardware or software – what they do, how they do it, how you would like to develop them in future.

There was a time in 1981 when it looked as though Nascom would disappear without trace. Now, with Lucas at the helm, 1982 should be the year when the Nascom system at last ‘takes of’ and justifies the faith that its many supporters have had in it.

FOR SALE Two 64K Ram boardsInterface to Nascom Bus
Use 4116 (4 Mhz) with self refresh capability£65 each.
Telephone Brian, Monday – Thursday evenings,____ _____

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