Volume 1, Number 4 – December 1981

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Dear Sir,

Further to Mr. Bowden’s letter in issue 3, I must also add my congratulations to Chris Blackmore for his excellent MONITOR.COM, which I call N3.COM allowing me to type N3 and be in Nas-Sys. I cannot help him to convert the RAM version of Zeap 2 to run with the moved video RAM, but I can help anyone who wants to run the EPROM version. The bytes to be changed are:–


If the modifications suggested in INMC7 have been carried out, it will be necessary to change the byte at DFBA. Each of the addresses at these bytes will be found to be in the range 08 – 0B; F0 should be added. If it is required to run the EPROM version in RAM for test purposes, the byte at DF52 should be changed to 00.

In order to run D-BUG and Nas-Dis with the revised video RAM, it is only necessary to change the bytes at C01A, C0B3 and C118.

J. T. Nestor, East Kilbride

Dear Ed,

After reading the article on TRS-80 tapes in issue 3, I thought the following might be of interest.

It is possible to read UK101 tapes directly and very simply. Providing the tape has been recorded at 300 or 1200 Baud (most will be at 300), go into mode X from Nas-Sys, initialise Basic with the J command, and then play the tape without entering any commands. The program listing will be printed onto the screen and into memory with the original Basic line numbers. On completion, the program can be modified to run on the Nascom with usually not too much effort!

R. M. Dowling, Welling

Dear Sir,

I recently bought a V&T Superdeck recorder, which came with a demo tape but no instructions. As the company has closed down, is there anyone who can tell me how to connect the Superdeck to my Nascom 2. The twelve connections are marked C, S, R, W, E, D and G, Common, Tx and Rx Clock, and Tx and Rx Data. I’d be grateful for any help.

M. Harrison, 8, Langleys Gardens,

Prestwich, Manchester

FOR SALERAM A card with 8K£45 o.n.o.
RAM B card with 16K£70 o.n.o.
Both in full working order.C. Bowden
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