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April–June 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 2.

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Having assembled that, and put it into the area of zeros at address £0150, it is necessary to alter the program so that the patch gets called. Replace the CD 05 00 found at £08A1 with CD 50 01, and save the new version of ED80. In order to do the same thing to the editor included in the new version of Hisoft Pascal use the same patch, but put the CD 50 01 at £0AE6.

Using the GM870 MODEM to access Open University computers.

Open University students wanting to do this will be glad to know that it is easy to do, using the following line of data in the GEMTERM.DAT file: “OU,3,*********,Y,8,N”. I have removed the telephone number, and put a row of stars, to make things more difficult for hackers. It is well known that they like a challenge, anyway. When they give up, they can always enrol for a course that makes use of the computers, and get given the umber by the OU.

The only problem I had in running the TEST program, which tells you whether your terminal is suitable or not was finding what keys to press to generate the rubout character that is needed instead of backspace. The combination required turns out to be “control shift /” on a NASCOM II keyboard. I searched high end low for that information, as I felt sue I had it somewhere, but finally decided it must have been in the Nascom I manuals I disposed of when I sold my Nascom I. Having resorted to a brute force search, I also found where the “|” is, that I had been looking for. C needs it, and it is “control shift .”. There, something useful, at last!

In the next exciting episode.

Reviews of Hisoft C and the updated version of Hisoft Pascal with its integrated programming environment, for the serious programmers. Recipes for anchovy wine for the deeply disturbed...


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