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July–September 1987 – Volume 1. Issue 3

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LD HL,SIGNON 12105, code to print. signon mess fugually.locae CALL usc {Bfoe Brine String routine. t 3p vaoont sJUMP INTO Warm Boot – CHANGE TO > J SP EXTRA 5

em signon message

1Signon terminator (Probably 0)

NORMAL END OF COLD BOOT CODE jorkepaces usually extend beyond this.

Patch in the bytes generated by thie code Lf no tource Le avaiable Tn this subseitute the equates defined earlier for the symbole below.

sThie to be in cold boot, just after SIGHON Message

} First clear menory to ali 00”

i ExrmAr 1d hL,sogee Start Addcess of 1CPR3 area veep, 2g, Hechiiton-seost_ Length of #3 eepaent and’ buffer aren oop: or ‘se are) hh) a nent

SE Re, Loop Loop unti1 all bytes cleared

1 Mow set the wheel byte fewhl: 1 RL whlade

zor a sClear Ace. to known state dec Make non zero iach) See Wheel byte {Mow copy the default path to 040H, ete:. Ad bLexepeth Defined pach Ad de.patade Pach addres Ad beyendpeh-extpth Path string length laser Copy Ae. { Now copy the startup command to the Multiple Command Line Buffer ‘ Ad hi, stend sDefined startup coomande id deimclade iComand buffer address 1g belendend-stced -—jLength of comand string

dir Hopy ie

Initialization done, except for loading of seguents, which will be done after system hes booted, via LDR.COM.

Sp wboot ‘Jump {nto to warm boot, – same ae th HERAT wae just before the signon’mevtagens

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

Page 34 of 67