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January–March 1982, Volume 1, Issue 1

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Utilising the powerful 4MHz Z80A Microprocessor the GM811 CPU card can be used as elthera stand alone controller or as the heart of a compiex microcomputer system. Four ‘Bytewide’ sockets allow great flexibility in the type and size of memory devices chosen. input and output facilities include both programmable serial and parallel interfaces – RS232, 1200 boud CUTS cassette interlace, Z80A PIO, and an eight bit input port. inan expanded system the unique on-board RP/M monitor allows the creation of cassette or Eprom based programs or files which ore upwards compatible witha disk based CPIM system.


The Gernini MultiBoard concept is the “togical route to virtually any i computer system you care to name. Whether you require a business system, an educational sysiem, a process control system or any other

system, there is a combination of MuliBoards to fulfil that function.


80-BUS structure, which is finding increasing acceptance among other British manufacturers; thus broadening the product base.

smaller system

Similar fo the popular GM8i CPU card, the new GM&i13 CPU/RAM card has 64K of dynamic RAM replacing the ‘bytewide’ sockets. An extended addressing mode facilitates future memory expansion up fo 2 megabytes! The RPIM 2



With a 59 key full QWERTY layout, this ASCll encoded keyboard includes cursor control keys, caps. lock, wo key rollover and auto-repeat.



ne 88:

monitor retains full RPIM – CPIM compatability.

> »* oiU8: 4 ® FARES Hardware (Built & tested) GM802 64KRAM card £440 GM803 EPROMROMcard £65 GM807_— 3APSU £40 GM808K* EPROM programmer £29.50 GMaO9 FOC card £425 GMBIOK SAPSUB slot motherboard £69.50

GM844 Z80 CPUcard £425 GM812 Z80 IVC card £440 CK) Software GMS512 CPIM2.21forMultboard £90 GM517 Gem-Zapeditiasmtape £45 GMS518 Gem-Zapeditiasmdisk £45 GM519 Gem Pen editor

lextformatiertape £45 GM520 Gem Pen editor

text formatier EPROM £45 GM524 Gem Pen editor!

text formatter disk £45

ed Pa

bated tis


GMB13 Z8O0CPUIS4KRAMcard £225

EV844 = EEE 488 card £440 = GM8&15-1 Single drive disk unil a with PSU B56K) £325 GM615-2 Double drive disk unit i with PSU (700K) £550 2 S Q@ME16 Multi iO board £440 AM849 «Speech board £85 AM820 LightPen £35 cS GM821 ASC Il keyboard £57.50 , GMS24 Gem Dis disassembier debugger tape £30 GM525 Germ Dis disassembler/ debugger disk 30 GM526 Comal-80tape £400 GM527 Comal-80disk £400 GM528 APL disk £200

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