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January–March 1982, Volume 1, Issue 1

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The GM812 intelligent! Video Controller card features an on board Z80A processor fo provide independence of the host processor and the ability to redefine the

functions and parameters of the display. Normally used in an 80 x 25 mode the card contains a programmable character generator allowing

three additional modes of operation – inverse



defined characters.


characters, 1460 x 75 biock graphics, or user

Akeyboard socket allows buffered character input, and a light pen socketis provided for specialist applications. Being /O mapped the card does not occupy any system memory space.

The GM802 RAM board provides a full a &4K of dynamic memory. The 80 BUS ao

RAMDIS signal istully supported so ROM in the system is given priority over the RAM, preventing any possibility of bus contention. Page Mode is also supported by the card which, with the appropriate software, allows up to four memory boards fo

that any E

be used ina system.

RPIM software is available on tape and includes Editor/Assembler; Text Editor! Formatter; DisassemblerDebugger; Pascal and Comal-80. These packages can also be run under CP/M.


Anumber of manufacturers are busy

working on additional 80-BUS boards

which will progressively increase the potential of your MultiBoard system.

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The Arfon Microelectronics speech board utilises the National Semiconductor Digitalker chip set. This gives avocabulary of over 440 words and sub sounds. Output is from an on-board ® speaker




GM 809 FOC

The GM809 floppy disk controller card can support up lo four disk drives in either single or



double density modes. The card uses the Western Digital 1797 controller and has variable write precompensation and phase locked loop data recovery circuitry.

GM 645 Drive unit

The GM815 floppy disk housing contains one or two 54" double density, double sided Pertec FD 250 drives. This gives a storage capacity of 350K

per drive. Power for the drives is provided by an integral supply unit.

All your RP/M software automatically

AUTO-EXCHANGE transferred to CPIM


ie — my

pao} | O’


ACPIM 2.2 package is available with the GM 809 card and Pertec drives. On-screen editing auto singleidouble density selection and parallel or serial printers are supported. Running under CPIM is. a wide range of ulilities, application software

The GM803 Eprom Board willaccept up to 46 a1! 2708 of 2746 Eprom devices. This allows the ha and languages. addition of up to of firmware to the laa a TheQ Micro | systern. The board supports the Page Mode board provid es Shou @ system and consequently need notoccupy f- S “40. solution for interfacing to any memory space when notin use. to 5 rey Te “the real world” The 4 – – board contains 3 PO’s, aciC anda real S yo time Clock with 80 BUS compatible ile it . seme, battery back up. prototyping boards are . : Ang = fF “Daughter available from both Vero Py " 7 boards may aiso and Winchester euttiaie, be added and Technology. These allow these include A.D, the user to easily adda – D-A. opto-coupling card of their own design = tah: and serial tothe system. in interface boards. eee zee) A ee ee The GM808 Eprom / SSE] programmer connects to – et] the PIO onthe CPU card = i and ah we user to . . seseit—-j] program or 2716 This low cost light pen p can be used with the he | hype Eproms. GMB812 IVC for many The EVC IEEE 488 Controller card has applications, = beendesigned to fully impiement including answer Sro} GIllEEE 488 interface functions. This selection, editing, Sei—| card gives the user a very versatile menu selection and | method of controlling any movement of S22 equipment titted with a standard displayed data IEEE 488 or GPIB interlace at minimal blocks. cost. GEMINI MULTIBOARDS coMPutEinTenrAcING – ranceTELECTRONICS — BUY THEM AT YOUR The MICRO-SPARES Shop, Yel:(0272) 424496. . LOCAL MICROVALUE Edinburgh EH42 ; BITS & PC’S DEALER Tek (031) 337 5611 werk ‘ Ali the products on these two pages FO0 BALE tTD Tel:(____) _____. are avaiable wile Stocks tos fom – Mid eau umnage, HENRY‘S RADIO the Micro onngh “ (ia oer engunesstodd Tel:(___) ___ ____. ferqotaoneeaa nn telephone for delivery dates and Cora – 5 ret: t nd packs mg cost )hocess ond pos! [SE] 28 St Judes, le Green, _Tix:262284 (quote ref:4400). Barclaycard welcome mn Egh cam, Surrey OF 18. LEEDS COMPUTER CENTRE, Yel:(0764) 33603. Tix:264475. 62 The Balcony INTERFACE COMPONENTS LTD. SKYTRONICS, Merrion Centre, Leeds. Oakfield Comer, ________ ____, _ _____ ____, The Park, Tel: (____) ______ Amersham, Bucks. . Tel:(_____) _____.1ix:___ ___. Tek: _____/_____

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