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April–June 1982, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Whilst on the subject of the Bits & P.C’s BASIC Programmers Toolkit, have you ever tried running the ROM version of it in RAM? It doesn’t like being rehoused. This is unless the firing pins are removed from a few bombs that have been placed. To defuse these place NOP’s in the following locations:

BO20 and BO021 B23E and B23F B247 and B248

Don’t forget to also alter the reset jumpt at B000 – 003 to the toolkits new location +3. Hope this is of help to someone.

Mel Warwick, Grantham, Lincs


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If you have the cassette version of ZEAP 2.0 on your Nascom you can add the facility of a tabulator function when you use the Auto Input Mode. It is annoying – to have to hit the space bar to move the cursor to the next field every time you do not have a label to type in. When adding the function below, typing "enter" causes the assembler to figure out where on the line the cursor is and moves it to the mnemonic field if the cursor position before was in the label field or to the next line if it was in the mnemonic field. If you type a ";" the cursor moves to the comment field and ";" is typed out, except when the cursor position before was in the label field. Then ";" is typed out at the first position in the label field.

Change these positions listed below and type in the following code. It is assumed that the modifications described in INMC News issue 7 have been made. The free space will begin at 2050H after a cold start. Address 2022H and 202AH contains the first position of the mnemonic field and 203FH the first position of the comment field counted from start of the line.

1006 4A 1493 49 20 182B 4a

1036 cD F9

1038 1F 18 02

1FFS C9 2A 87 OF DF 66 DF 7B 2000 4Y FE 1B 28 3D FE OD 28 2008 09 FE 3B 28 03 F7 18 EE 2010 06 05 11 CO FF 19 E5 DF 2018 7C D1 EB B7 ED 52 26 3B 2020 7D FE OD 30 15 7C B9 28 2028 02 06 OD 3H 17 FT 3E 12 2030 F7 10 FD 7C BO 20 C7 FT 2038 18 C4 7C BO 20 05 06 23 2040 18 E9 F7 DF 6A C9 00 00 2048 00 B6 06 00 00 00 OO FF

Mats Olofsson, Sweden


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Just before Xmas ‘81 I took delivery of a shiny, brand new 100% certified functional, never before used and carefully wrapped Gemini G805 single drive disk

unit with D-DOS for my Nascom 1. Of course, after specifying to my dealer that it was for use with a N-1 the

unit was supplied with a plug (on the ribbon cable) to fit a Nascom 2 PIO. There now follows a warning to any naive person who is considering investing in a G805 and who

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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