80-Bus News


January–February 1984, Volume 3, Issue 1

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Lawrence lends @ helping



Lawrence’s train of thought is derailed by the telephone.


Ring, rings 7

rust, mumble ‘

IF... THEN, Munble, mimbie SETNEW, grunt,



In the incerest of good teste, this Seeceion oF profane verbelege has been censored

by the editor.

Lawrence decides to lumber

he attends to more important things 00+

Heloise Fortran with che problem while |

woe But.

Helle , this is

THE PI@ ane

ELEPHAN T’+ #Y = POKNO as 0 newt,


Heloise, J heve 9’RE Yeti hunting in Tibet. Please leeve your message. BEEEP.

Line all good programmers, our hero thinks the problem through first +++

soae thea stares writing the

program. -_, tap, CRP cone



Munble, mumble, grunt,

Pert of the tun of computing is de- bugging your software ....

tees Uthich jn most cases is

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the retrigerater’s thermostat decides

Lewrence i$ unaware of the mains borne mayhem heading his way.

it’s time co go ‘ape’.

gee Wh ZcLiKK Feet ect,

Te’s always 2 good idee to mae backup copies of your disxs incase you get caught out like

Lawrence ‘

By D.&. Richards.

Toayretail. Mid. Ghauorgen. gre” 1993.

i i i i :

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Page 52 of 55