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January–February 1984, Volume 3, Issue 1

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Ram-A board, 32k RAM, 2716 conversion (no EPROMs). With INMC mods, but still won’t work at 4MHz without waits (dunno why...) #45 ono. HSIN twin-drive digital cassette system. As reviewed 80-Bus News Vol 1 iss. 4. With original ROMs (2708s, assembled for #D000 and ports #F8 to #FF) or my enhanced 0S (2716 – assembled for #D000, and ports #78 to #7F); 4118s, connecting leads and some tapes. #170 ono. Adrian Perkins. Tel. Bracknell (____) ______

Nascom 1, port select corrected, card frame, buffer PCB, 32K RAM fully debugged, PSU, 4800 baud cassette interface, TTY interface, keyboard, Harris terminal with 12" Motorola VDU, TTY printer, BASIC & assembler on tape. All documentation. #140 the lot or prepared to split. Jim Taylor Boldon 36215.

Floppy disk system. GM815/2, GM809 etc. Twin Pertec drives (350K per drive) in cabinet with power supply. Double density controller card, CP/MZ 2.2 operating system, and lots of software including Pascal, BASIC and C languages, Utilities, Adventure, Games and Business software. Totally reliable system. #450. Also, twin single sided drives in cabinet with power supply and Henelec Singler Density Controller. Including all above software and Vers. 2.2 operating system. Haggle around #275. Call John on 01-380-0191 between 10am

and 7.30pm.



Mike York Ph.D They said it couldn’t be done!! Microcomputer Services _S________ ____ Fast all action versions of some classic Tel: __-___ ____ games in full colour and sound (using PHG sound board). _ Require NasDos. Send for list. Also: ALLDISC BOOSTER Disc based toolkit

Thia gives a variable disc format capability to any 80-Bua CP/M computer. With thia you can define your own formata, set up a library of standard formats and interchange files between nearly all CP/M computers. Any mix of 3”, 8" or 3’ allowed. You can also read/write 48 tpi discs cn 96 tpi drives.

ONLY £150 + VAT.


UCSD provides the best way to protect your softwere ifvestaent when upgrading your CPU. Now that 16-bit cards are coming what are you going to da with that Z80 CP/M stuff? A UCSD version of AllDise is supplied free. The RAMDisc option @nd high-capacity drives make thie one of the most powerful UCSD computers around.

uesn development systen for Nascom/Geminis.ceccwescees £375 + VAT lascom requires AllBoot ROM at £25 + VAT)

Looking for vortable high quality word-processing/database/ Sireadsheet/accounting software? UCSD applications software Will fit the bill.

forrom Basic £15 DISCRETE Disc based disassembler to complement Nas-sember £50 Programmable Character Generator c/w hi-res software ontape £50 AVCDISC Use one or more of your ave planes as a softdisc. Plus file copy prog. Nasdosonly £15

Discrete and Booster available for NasDos or DCSdos2. State which. Nascom approved products. 50p p&p/order. sae for details

Spiral Systems

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