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June/July/August 1980, Issue 1

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Dear Sir,

For some time, rumours have been circulating about the appalling conditions in which some Nascoms are expected to work. There have even been some stories of them being EX-PORTED. How would you like your ears cut off, I ask you ?

Yours faithfully,

J.R. Keneally.


Dear Sirs,

Please find enclosed a bit of a program that I find fairly useful for games and graph joining etc. It is for Nascom graphics and joins together any two points on the screen. It does NOT test for off screen positions.

I have found that it can speed up quite a lot of programs which draw graphs or circles etc using scientific functions with larger spacings than for continuous graphics, because the number of points available and the definition of Nas graphics is fairly low anyway.

The second point is a bit of a moan about the Microsoft Basic, which, as far as I can tell, is only valid on the Nascom implementation. This is when listing reserved words (graphic characters) within quotes on a print line and those after a REM statement are printed as their command equivalents, making it impossible to edit them. I have had to write a machine language routine to let me enter them and edit them then dumping to tape to be read in as lines in a program. Not to worry version 123.4 will no doubt cure it.

All the same a magic beastie, now after a floppy from California.


Martin Taylor.

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