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June/July/August 1980, Issue 1

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Many readers have requested a table showing equivalent codes for old monitors and for Nas-Sys. Many new INMC members have only ever used Nas-Sys, and have come across old programs they wish to convert. Derek Brough has made a tremendous effort in converting the Th library to Nas-Sys, so you will find it easier to get some of these programs from the new Nas-Sys machine code program library.

To keep the table simple we have compared Th to Nas-Sys. The older T2 and B=-Bug monitors were subsets of T4, so the conversion works in the same way for them. It is not possible to show every detail because there are so many small differences, in particular the method of input and output.

Name Function performed Th Nas-Sys RIN Get input character CD 3E 00 CF ROUT Output a character CD 4A OC F7

or F7

or CD 3B 01 PRS Print a string EF ...00 EF...00 RCAL Relative call D7 .. D7 .. SCAL Subroutine call NONE DF .. RDEL Delay FF FF

or CD 35 00 BRKPT Breakpoint E7 E7 START Reset computer C7 C7 MRET Return to montior C3 86 02 DF 5B

or CF TDEL Long delay NONE DF 5D FFLP Flip bits in port 0 CA 4A 00 DF SE MFLP Flip tape drive LED CD 51 00 DF 5F ARGS Load arguments CD 97 06 DF 60 IN Scan for input CD 4D OC DF 62

character or CD 69 00 INLIN Obtain input Tine NONE DF 63 NUM Convert from ASCII to CD 5A 02 DF 64 binary

TBCD3 Output HL in ASCII CD 32 02 DF 66 TBCD2 Output A in ASCII CD 2B 02 DF 67 B2HEX Output A in ASCII CD 4k 02 DF 68 SPACE Output space Cb 3C 02 DF 69 CRLF Output carriage return CD 40 02 DF 6A ERRM Output error message NONE DF 6B TX1 Output HL,DE in ASCII CD 5B 04 DF 6C

SOUT String of characters cD cC 06 DF 6D to serial output

SRLX Character to serial cD 5D 00 DF 6F output or CD 5E 00

RLIN Get arguments from NONE DF 79 input line

B1HEX Output half of Ain CD &D 02 DF 7A ASCH

BLINK Blink cursor, get input NONE DF 7B

CPOS Find start of line NONE DF 7C

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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