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June/July/August 1980, Issue 1

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Below are extracts from several letters that we received in response to our article in INMC 6 on Comp S100 expansion.


Dear Sir,

Firstly thanks for a newsy and (usually) accurate comic which is always worth reading.

With regard to the article is Issue 6, caution should be exercised when buying the COMP S100 expansion kit. We looked into using this product to drive a (U.S.) Heuristics Speechlab Board and found that instead of being a true S100 decoder, ONLY these signals required for use with the range of boards COMP sell are actually decoded.

Hope the comments are of some use. Yours faithfully,

J. Addey.
North Humberside.


Dear Sir, In INMC News no. 6, I was pleased to see that someone else was experiencing problems with the Comp S100 expansion. Mine has never worked, I started off with symptoms similar to those described by Mr. Curtis, but all this was cured by rearranging the wiring. My Nascom works perfectly, on external, with the buffer S100 board attached, I can write into the 8K expansion, but when I try to execute any program in the expansion, the program is corrupted. Any program in the on board Nascom memory runs without problems. Anyway I’m now going to look at the R/W lines. Comp assured me that they’ve had no problems with this kit at all. At the moment I am working on connecting up an MM57109 Number Cruncher. I will let you know how I get on.

Yours faithfully,

A.C. Cox
Abadan, Iran.

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