Spring 1979, Issue 2

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Please let us know of any interesting applications for your PIO, or better still write an article for YOUR newsletter.

Two programs by Dave Hunt will be available from the Software library for those interested in checking out the ports.

These are PIO Latch Test
& PIO Vectored Interrupt Test

Figure 3.
Reset circuit for PIO.
(Switch is Push to Make.)

Nascom Users Group

We hear that Merseyside Nascom owners have formed a users group which meets on the first Wednesday of every month in Liverpool. All enquiries should be made by contacting Graham Myers on ___-___-____ (after 7.00 p.m.)


The Nascom distribution network has been set up in order to give the customer a more personal and efficient back up service. If you have any queries on any aspect of your Nascom you should contact your distributor who will be

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