Spring 1979 · Issue 2

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willing to assist you with the problem.

If you have a hardware fault many of the distributors are able to offer a repair service. If your distributor does not offer a repair service, then the unit can be returned direct to Nascom’s service department.

Finally, if you feel that you are not getting anywhere with either your distributor or Nascom, then write to the Editor, INMC, and we will see what we can do.


We would be interested to hear from anybody who is using, or would like to use, their Nascom 1 for any specialised purpose.

Amateur Radio – We hear that John Wilson, G8HUN, is compiling details of amateur radio applications and he would like to talk to anyone interested in this field. So far he knows of people who are investigating using their Nascom for RTTY, transmitting and receiving morse, satellite tracking, controlling synthesizers etc. Anyone else interested in these or similar applications should contact John, in the first instance c/o INMC.

Whilst on this subject, it should be noted that the 2K monitor, Nasbug T4, contains amongst its routines one that enables radio amateurs to transmit and receive ASCII data with no additional software and minimal hardware modification.

Microcomputer Books

Mine-of-Information of St.Albans stock a range of microcomputer books and will offer members of the INMC a discount of 10%. Enquiries should be made to:

Mine of Information Ltd
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