Spring 1979 · Issue 2

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therefore, sorting through the programs at the moment and putting them into various categories – e.g. runs on unexpanded Nascom, runs on expanded Nascom, runs under Tiny Basic, Super Tiny Basic etc. We hope to have a list available shortly but meanwhile you’ll find a machine code program and some Super Tiny Basic examples elsewhere in this newsletter.

However, it is obvious to the committee that everybody lost interest during 1978. This, of course, includes us. We have taken on the task of trying to re-establish the INMC on the assumption that most users, like ourselves, would rather have it working than not have it at all. Therefore, we need your help, your support, your programs and your ideas and hardware additions that we can publish in our newsletter. Now that many people have expanded Nascoms we hope that we will start to see significant numbers of programs of a more interesting nature than perhaps was possible before when one had to create the whole thing in machine code.

This first three months is critical not only from the point of view of you starting to believe in us, but also to confirm in our minds that the INMC is practical. The whole thing is now in our control and having objected strongly to the way that Nascom ran it last year, we rely on your support so that we can run it properly,


We have decided to hold a competition to see what sort of nutty games programs you are all writing. The rules are outlined below. First prize will be either a Super Tiny Basic or a Zeap editor/​assembler cassette along with a selection of the programs submitted. There will also be five runners-up prizes, each being a selection of the programs submitted to the competition. So send in your programs – don’t worry what your coding is like, we won’t be judging that!


  1. All entries must be received by 27th May 1979
  2. Winners will be notified by post and will be listed in a future newsletter.
  3. Programs must run in an unexpanded Nascom and must be Nasbug T1/​T2 compatible.
  4. Programs will be primarily judged on “entertainment value”.
  5. Additional consideration will be given to original and to neatly written and well commented programs.

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