Autumn 1979, Issue 4

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of valleys......I did it!!

Today I succeeded in getting all five ‘chickens’ across the road! I’ve been trying since INMC No 2.

The Othello programme was, in my opinion, absolutely first class and was far better than similar games being sold by software houses with a high price tag. For those wishing to play ‘2-player’ Othello without the possible moves being indicated (a lot more fun I think) then change:-

0D30 from 3D to 2E
0E69 from 3D to 2E
0E81 from 3D to 2E
Not forgetting of course 0F19 from C2 to C3

I would dearly love to comply with your request in sending lots and lots of programmes....but alas I am still struggling to acquire the ‘knack’. I have most problems with that naughty monitor changing my nicely set-up registers each time it does a monitor routine....Oh! well, I’ll keep trying and IF I eventually get a programme to can have it!

Yours faithfully,

Les Carpenter


The Editor

Can we expect four-letter words as well as good old fashioned swearing on the front page of the next INMC News? I hope not! It’s such a bore.


Dear Sir,

I am amazed, totally amazed that out of the total membership of the INMC there is not one person who could come up with a solution to the puzzle in the last newsletter (issue 2). I managed to get the program working in about fifteen minutes from reading the puzzle and then decided not to send the modification in, as I thought it appeared so simple a problem that you would be swamped with answers!! I came to the right conclusion, as written in the latest newsletter (issue 3) but I got round the problem in a different way from your line of thought. This is the program complete with correcting instructions:-

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