Autumn 1979 · Issue 4

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AF       XOR A
06 00    LD B,0
3C       INC A
27       DAA
37       SCF
3F       CCF
10 FA    DJNZ -4
E7       RST 20

It may not be the answer you expected, but it does work! The whole problem was that the carry flag kept setting and when the highest digit of the number in A is between 7 and F, the DAA instruction treats it as a Negative result of the last operation, and thus Subtracts a value of 60 if the Half-Carry flag is reset, and if it is set, a value of 66 is subtracted (I hope that isn’t too blurred).

Another thing which seemed a bit obvious, to me at least, was the name of program 32 in your list which even my neighbours! little girl guessed correctly as Chinese Chequers!! Carre = ‘Square’, Chinoise = Chinese.

I would like to say the standard of the latest newsletter was much better than the first two and I really enjoyed reading it. I do agree about the lack of participation of members in producing material for the newsletter, but I think this will soon change. One of the main reasons for the lack of “enthusiasm” must be the fear of making a complete fool of yourself; but if I am willing to take that risk, why can’t they?

I would like to challenge every member of the INMC to write a letter, article or program for the newsletter and show their intellect, which up to now they seem to lack, if the puzzle is anything to go by! Let’s hear about some of the uses that Nascoms are being put to apart from playing video-games and writing pages of notes for tape storage. I have developed a data logging system with mine over the last three months, and the finished system will become a saleable product for the company that I work for as Logic Design Engineer. If that puts you off, let me say that I have no qualifications whatsoever, and had to leave school before taking even my ‘0’ levels! I have had my Nascom 1 for just 9 months, and I knew very little about computers at the time I bought it. (I am 23).

Let’s put some ‘guts’ into the INMC before the other clubs start to call us the Ghost Club or other unprintable nicknames, because that is what we will become before very long, if the silence becomes any more deafening than it is!! The only people prepared to do anything for the club at the moment are the team producing the newsletter and you can’t expect them to do ALL of the work for the club – that means YOUR CLUB. Be brave – Do Something!

Thankyou for being such a patient committee,

Yours sincerely

D V French

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