Christmas 1979, Issue 5

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May we all wish you a Happy Christmas, although by the time you get this you’ll all probably be unwrapping your Easter Eggs. We tried to make this a bumper issue, but because of the close deadline, we didn’t quite make it, so we filled the mag. with programs (as usual). As far as the programs go, we’ve tried to include something for everyone (except NAS-SYS 1 machine code freaks, sorry about that, how about some progs. for the library?), so there’s N1 minimum system, and N1 expanded system, Tiny Basic, Super Tiny Basic, and 8K Basic for N1 and N2.

In the last issue we anounced a Christmas Games competition, but due to the prolonged illness of a key member of staff (come back Bev) and printing delays, the mags didn’t get posted till two days before the closing date, so the competition is still open, and we’ll publish the winners in good time for next Christmas! Seriously though, the closing date is 3 weeks after you get this issue. Also, because of Bev’s illness, the library has almost ground to a halt, so please bear with us if you have had difficulty extracting programs. We aren’t saving your money for our next trip to the Bahamas.

Talking about the money: SUBS!!!!

In the early days, because it was all new, those who joined the INMC got away with paying a pound registation fee, and haven’t been asked for anything since. More recent members have had to pay a fiver for the privilege (plus the registration fee). Now we have decided that all those who joined the INMC before the 31st January 1979 will have to pay up before the 31st January 1980, and all those who joined after January 1979 will be billed at the end of the month when their annual subscriptions become due (or something).

We will allow 21 days for cheques to reach us, then if we haven’t seen the loot, names will be removed from the mailing list, and it will cost an extra quid to re-register.

The mailing list (for those who joined before January 1979) for issue 6 of this highly desirable rag will be made up from the list of subscriptions received (so the print run will be cheap anyway), so if you don’t cough up, well sorry, but you won’t ever find out who won the Great Christmas Competition. And we’ll all know who the meanies are won’t we.

So the message is ‘cheque books to the fore’ folks and send a fiver, payable to:

c/o Nascom Microcomputers,
__, _____ ______,

If you live in France special arrangements will be made for you to pay the money to the French Distibutor, so we will be letting you know what to do.

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