Christmas 1979 · Issue 5

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      you can’t risk sneezing it

We have received the ads below from other INMC readers. In publishing them neither Nascom nor the INMC endorses any of the items offered for sale

Nascom Users!

Ex Bank terminals, “IBM Golfball Printer plus Interface” Typewriter quality print at up to 15 cps. Colour shift, Underline, Tab and normal typewriter functions are all program selectable.

£450.00 plus VAT – Write for details to:– DTN Wembley, 77 Montpelier Rise, Wembley, Middx. Tel. (out of working hours) __ ___ ____ or __ ___ ____


1) Burrough 80 Column Card Reader (200 cards per minute). Trolley mounted, Technical manuals and circuits included, £80 ono

2) Friden Flexowriter electric typewriter with builtin 7 hole paper tape punch and reader. All Solenoid controlled but will need interfacing, Circuit diagrams included, (Requires an 110 volt transformer). £50 ono

3) IBM Maintenance manual for Selectric I/O typewriter. Offers.

Contact: D Brough
__ _________ ____
East Barnet

Mushroom Basic

Mushroom are able to offer to INMC members a copy of the Mushroom 4K Integer Basic Interpreter at the reduced price of £10.50(normal price is £13.50). This includes cassette and manual – purchasers must state monitor used. In brief, it handles integer and string variables in scaler, one dimension or two dimension arrays as well as supporting nearly all the commands found on currently available 8K BASICS.

Contact: Mushroom
_ ________ ______,

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