Christmas 1979, Issue 5

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We have received the following release from Crystal, and reproduce it here for your information.

The following ‘bugs’ are the only ones so far found in XTAL BASIC:–

  1. In all copies up to and including serial no 55.
    Caused errors in the use of scientific notation.
    A6 > A9A5 > A8
  2. In copies up to serial no 66.
    ‘WAIT’ command does not work properly
    0A > 08C1 > 5F C1 F1 47
  3. In copies up to serial no 88
    BASIC ‘hangs’ sometimes when a string space overflow occurs
    02 > 00
  4. In copies up to serial no 106.
    Caused characters within quotes of ASCII value greater than 80H to appear as reserved words under ‘EDIT’ but OK under ‘LIST’
    F4 > F6
  5. In copies up to serial no 150.
    Programs longer than about 5K found to contain corrupted lines deep within the program.
    AF > CD 19 1500 > AF BE 23 20 FC C9
  6. In copies up to serial no 165.
    The numbers used in the CLEAR command cannot exceed 32767. This could cause problems if it is required to use small machine-code programs at the top of the memory space in systems with 32K or more RAM.
    C7 > B1 12C7 > B1 1200 > CD 7F 1B C3 D0 1
    Now, to set TOPRAM to say, 8400H in a 32K system, you would type:
    CLEAR 50, –31744   i.e, use negative numbers for locations greater than 7FFFH, as in the CALL and POKE commands.
  7. Again up to serial no 165.
    Some users have expressed a preference to restrict the number of keys that interrupt a BASIC program. This modification will allow the program to stop if ‘BS’ is typed, and then any key will continue. If ‘shift BS’ is typed, either when running or when halted, the program will BREAK, as if a STOP command had been encountered.
    52 > F8 16 18 0252 > 4D 0C FE 1D CC 3E 00 FE 1E 00 00 00 00.

All should now be well! Just save XTAL BASIC on another tape.

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