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Review Of Editor / Assembler Packages For Nascom Computers

Here is a chart showing a detailed comparison of all the Editor / Assemblers available for the Nascom. All three are capable of editing and assembling a program correctly, and they are all good and quite easy to use. ZEAP is available in two versions, ZEAP 1.1 for the old Nascom monitors, T2 and T4, and the considerably improved ZEAP 2.0 which uses NAS-SYS. ZEN and V & T Packages are only available for T2/​T4, but it is very likely that they will soon be modified to run under NAS-SYS as well. The ZEAP 2.0 tested was a pre-release version and there may well be modifications made before production commences, Our thanks to Nascom, V & T Electronics, and Newbear for allowing us to sample the delights of the programs. We are not going to recommend that any one is best, because if depends on exactly what you want to do with it, and also on how much you can afford to spend. Here then is the detailed chart.

Editor / Assembler Packages For Nascom Computers

Basic Information ZEAP 1.1 ZEAP 2.0 ZEN V & T
Available from: NASCO NASCO NEWBEAR V & T Electronics
Written by: Sigma Software Sigma Software Avalon Software V&T Electronics
Price: £30 £30 £14.50 £11.50
Memory Size for the package: 3K 4K 4K 4K
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