April/May 1980, Issue 7

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Below its a further list of programs that have now been added to the library. These are all for minimum system Nascom 1 or 2 with Nas-Sys. Most of them have been reassembled from the Nasbug library and therefore, although they have all been checked, some of them do contain portions of code that would be written in an entirely different manner if the programs had been written for Nas-Sys in the first instance.

Where the program has appeared in the Nasbug library, no description is given, as this can be obtained from Issue 6. Prices appear alongside each entry. Additionally there is a charge of 15p per order for postage and packing (Overseas, 40p).

FRENCH MEMBERS please note that British banks do not accept cheques in Francs.

Nas-Sys Minimum System Machine Code Assembly Listings.

S2Reaction Test0C80-0FAD0.60
S3Bouncing Beastie0C80-0CFC0.20
S5Double Mastermind0C80-0FB90.75
S8Uni zap0C80-0ED90.75
S9Random Buzz-word Linker0C80-0F3E0.50
S10Quiz Program0C80-0DCB0.65
plus Italian File0DD0-0FD5
S11Cockney Rhyming Slang File for S100DD0-0FD60.20
S12Currency Types File for S100DD0-0FC00.20
S13Capital Cities File for S100DD0-0FE10.20
S14Ship Game0C80-0FA40.70
Blow up ships using your torpedoes. Ships come at random speed, distance, and direction. This program requires the real-time interrupt mod. to the Nascom.
By P.Sanders
Can you guess the word before you are hung ? Ability to add own library of words. Commented teletype assembly listing.
By P.Grant. Data by J.Waddell. Load routine by J.M.Stevenson.

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