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May–June 1984, Volume 3, Issue 3

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Dis-assembly of NAS­COM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    94

FCC8 CD39FE     CASFFW: CALL    FLPLED          ; Turn on cassette
FCCB 0600               LD      B,0             ; Set 1 second delay
FCCD CD9BFD     DELAYB: CALL    DELAY           ; Wait a bit
FCD0 05                 DEC     B               ; Count
FCD1 C2CDFC             JP      NZ,DELAYB       ; More delay needed
FCD4 C9                 RET

FCD5 C339FE     CASFF:  JP      FLPLED          ; Flip tape LED

FCD8 C9         ARET:   RET                     ; A RETurn instruction

FCD9 E5         CONMON: PUSH    HL              ; Output character to screen
FCDA C5                 PUSH    BC              ;
FCDB D5                 PUSH    DE              ;
FCDC F5                 PUSH    AF              ;
FCDD CD6DFE             CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FCE0 C2FBFC             JP      NZ,NASOUT       ; NAS-SYS - Output ASCII
FCE3 F1                 POP     AF              ; Get character
FCE4 F5                 PUSH    AF              ; And re-save
FCE5 FE0A               CP      LF              ; ASCII Line feed?
FCE7 CA00FD             JP      Z,IGCHR         ; Yes - Ignore it
FCEA FE08               CP      BKSP            ; ASCII back space?
FCEC C2F1FC             JP      NZ,CONOT1       ; No - Test for CR
FCEF 3E1D               LD      A,TBS           ; NASBUG back space
FCF1 FE0D       CONOT1: CP      CR              ; ASCII CR?
FCF3 C2FDFC             JP      NZ,OUTCHR       ; No - Output character
FCF6 3E1F               LD      A,TCR           ; NASBUG CR
FCF8 C3FDFC             JP      OUTCHR          ; Output it

FCFB F1         NASOUT: POP     AF              ; Get character
FCFC F5                 PUSH    AF              ; And re-save
FCFD CD45FE     OUTCHR: CALL    MONOUT          ; Output it
FD00 F1         IGCHR:  POP     AF              ; Restore character
FD01 D1                 POP     DE              ;
FD02 C1                 POP     BC              ;
FD03 E1                 POP     HL              ;
FD04 C9                 RET

FD05 E5         GETINP: PUSH    HL              ; Get an input character
FD06 C5                 PUSH    BC              ;
FD07 D5                 PUSH    DE              ;
FD08 CD6DFE             CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FD0B CA13FD             JP      Z,GETTIN        ; "T" monitor - Get input
FD0E DF0B               SCAL    BLINK
FD10 C319FD             JP      CONVIN          ; Convert to ASCII

FD13 CD4D0C     GETTIN: CALL    TIN             ; "T" input a character
FD16 D213FD             JP      NC,GETTIN       ; No input - wait
FD19 FE1D       CONVIN: CP      TBS             ; NASBUG back space?
FD1B C220FD             JP      NZ,CNVIN1       ; No - Test for break
FD1E 3E08               LD      A,BKSP          ; ASCII back space
FD20 FE1C       CNVIN1: CP      TBRK            ; NASBUG break?
FD22 C227FD             JP      NZ,CNVIN2       ; No - Test for control Z
FD25 3E03               LD      A,CTRLC         ; Control C
FD27 FE1A       CNVIN2: CP      CTRLZ           ; ^Z?
FD29 C22EFD             JP      NZ,CNVIN3       ; No - Test for escape
FD2C 3E7F               LD      A,DEL           ; Delete
FD2E FE1B       CNVIN3: CP      ESC             ; "ESC" ?
FD30 C235FD             JP      NZ,CNVIN4       ; No - Test for CR
FD33 3E03               LD      A,CTRLC         ; Control C
FD35 FE1F       CNVIN4: CP      TCR             ; NASBUG CR?
FD37 C23CFD             JP      NZ,CNVIN5       ; No - Return character
FD3A 3E0D               LD      A,CR            ; ASCII CR
FD3C D1         CNVIN5: POP     DE
FD3D C1                 POP     BC
FD3E E1                 POP     HL
FD3F C9                 RET
Dis-assembly of NAS­COM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    95

FD40 AF         CHKBRK: XOR     A               ; Check for break
FD41 CD70FD             CALL    SFTENT          ; Test for shift/enter
FD44 CA50FD             JP      Z,TBRK2         ; Yes - Test for second break
FD47 3A4D10             LD      A,(BRKFLG)      ; Get break flag
FD4A B7                 OR      A               ; Break flag set?
FD4B C250FD             JP      NZ,TBRK2        ; Yes - Test for second break
FD4E AF                 XOR     A               ; Flag no break
FD4F C9                 RET

FD50 CD53FE     TBRK2:  CALL    BREAK2          ; Second break?
FD53 3EFF               LD      A,-1            ; Flag break
FD55 C9                 RET

FD56 DB02       GUART:  IN      A,(UARTS)       ; Get UART status
FD58 17                 RLA                     ; Any data ready?
FD59 D256FD             JP      NC,GUART        ; No - wait until there is
FD5C DB01               IN      A,(UARTD)       ; Get data from UART
FD5E C9                 RET

FD5F D301       UARTOT: OUT     (UARTD),A       ; Send data to UART
FD61 DB02       URTOLP: IN      A,(UARTS)       ; Get status
FD63 87                 ADD     A,A             ; Byte sent?
FD64 F8                 RET     M               ; Yes - Return
FD65 C361FD             JP      URTOLP          ; Keep waiting

FD68 F5         SUART:  PUSH    AF              ; Save A
FD69 CD5FFD             CALL    UARTOT          ; Send it to UART
FD6C F1                 POP     AF              ; Restore A
FD6D C9                 RET

FD6E 00                 NOP
FD6F 00                 NOP

FD70 E5         SFTENT: PUSH    HL              ; Test for Shift Enter from KBD
FD71 3E02               LD      A,00000010B     ; Reset KBD counter mask
FD73 21000C             LD      HL,PORT0        ; Get old contents
FD76 AE                 XOR     (HL)            ; Toggle bit
FD77 D300               OUT     (0),A           ; Reset KBD counter
FD79 EE01               XOR     00000001B       ; Toggle bit
FD7B D300               OUT     (0),A           ; Next row
FD7D EE02               XOR     00000010B
FD7F D300               OUT     (0),A           ; Clear "clear" strobe
FD81 7E                 LD      A,(HL)          ; Get old value
FD82 D300               OUT     (0),A           ; Original contents
FD84 19                 ADD     HL,DE           ; ?? WHAT ??
FD85 E1                 POP     HL              ; Restore HL
FD86 DB00               IN      A,(0)           ; Read in row
FD88 E612               AND     00010010B       ; Mask SHIFT and ENTER
FD8A C9                 RET

FD8B CD6DFE     CLS:    CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FD8E CA96FD             JP      Z,TCLS          ; "T" CLS
FD91 3E0C               LD      A,CS            ; ASCII Clear screen
FD93 C3D9FC             JP      CONMON          ; Output character

FD96 3E1E       TCLS:   LD      A,TCS           ; NASBUG Clear screen
FD98 C3D9FC             JP      CONMON          ; Output character

NASCOM ROM BASIC source code is available in ASM and LST file format.

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