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May–June 1984, Volume 3, Issue 3

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Dis-assembly of NASCOM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    98

FE45 F5         MONOUT: PUSH    AF              ; Save character
FE46 CD6DFE             CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FE49 CA4FFE             JP      Z,TMNOUT        ; "T" output
FE4C F1                 POP     AF              ; Restore character
FE4D F7                 ROUT                    ; Output it
FE4E C9                 RET

FE4F F1         TMNOUT: POP     AF              ; Restore character
FE50 C34A0C             JP      TOUT            ; "T" output

FE53 3A4D10     BREAK2: LD      A,(BRKFLG)      ; Break flag set?
FE56 C265FE             JP      NZ,RETCTC       ; Yes - Return ^C
FE59 CD6DFE             CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FE5C CA62FE             JP      Z,TCHINP        ; Get "T" character input
FE5F DF62               SCAL    RIN             ; Scan for a character
FE61 C9                 RET

FE62 C34D0C     TCHINP: JP      TIN             ; "T" input a character

FE65 3E00       RETCTC: LD      A,0             ; Clear Break flag
FE67 324D10             LD      (BRKFLG),A
FE6A 3E03               LD      A,CTRLC         ; Return ^C
FE6C C9                 RET

FE6D 3A0100     MONTST: LD      A,(MONSTT+1)    ; "T" monitor or NAS-SYS?
FE70 FE33               CP      33H             ; 31 00 10 / 31 33 0C
FE72 C9                 RET

FE73 CD39FE     SAVE:   CALL    FLPLED          ; Flip tape LED
FE76 CD6DFE             CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FE79 CA7FFE             JP      Z,TSAVE         ; "T" save
FE7C DF57               SCAL    WRITE           ; Save program
FE7E C9                 RET

FE7F 3A8D00     TSAVE:  LD      A,(MONTYP)      ; "T2" or "T4" (FLAGS!!!)
FE82 CA0004             JP      Z,T4WR          ; T4 Write
FE85 C3D103             JP      T2DUMP          ; T2 Dump

FE88 CD39FE     MONLD:  CALL    FLPLED          ; Flip tape LED
FE8B CD6DFE             CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FE8E CA99FE             JP      Z,TLOAD         ; "T" load
FE91 3E52               LD      A,"R"           ; Set READ
FE93 322B0C             LD      (ARGN),A
FE96 DF52               SCAL    READ            ; Load program
FE98 C9                 RET

FE99 3A8D00     TLOAD:  LD      A,(MONTYP)      ; "T2" or "T4" (FLAGS!!!)
FE9C CA0C07             JP      Z,T4READ        ; T4 Read
FE9F C3D103             JP      T2DUMP          ; T2 Dump ??????????

FEA2 CD6DFE     MONITR: CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FEA5 CA0000             JP      Z,MONSTT        ; Jump to zero if "T"
FEA8 DF5B               SCAL    MRET            ; Return to NAS-SYS
Dis-assembly of NASCOM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    99

FEAA CD39FE     MONVE:  CALL    FLPLED          ; Flip tape LED
FEAD CD6DFE             CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FEB0 CAA0E9             JP      Z,FCERR         ; Verify not available on "T"
FEB3 3E56               LD      A,"V"           ; Set VERIFY
FEB5 322B0C             LD      (ARGN),A
FEB8 DF56               SCAL    VERIFY          ; Verify tape
FEBA C9                 RET

FEBB 3E00       INITST: LD      A,0             ; Clear break flag
FEBD 324D10             LD      (BRKFLG),A
FEC0 CD6DFE             CALL    MONTST          ; See if NAS-SYS
FEC3 CA19E0             JP      Z,INIT          ; "T" - No NMI vector
FEC6 21DEFE             LD      HL,BREAK        ; Set NMI gives break
FEC9 227E0C             LD      (NMI),HL
FECC DDE5               PUSH    IX              ; Get start up condition
FECE F1                 POP     AF              ; "Z" set if cold , Else clear
FECF B7                 OR      A               ; "Cold" or "Cool" start?
FED0 C219E0             JP      NZ,INIT         ; "Cool" don't init NAS-SYS
FED3 060F               LD      B,15            ; Delay for keyboard clear
FED5 CDCDFC             CALL    DELAYB          ; Allow time for key release
FED8 CD0D00             CALL    STMON           ; Initialise NAS-SYS
FEDB C319E0             JP      INIT            ; Initialise BASIC

FEDE F5         BREAK:  PUSH    AF              ; Save character
FEDF 3EFF               LD      A,-1
FEE1 324D10             LD      (BRKFLG),A      ; Flag break
FEE4 F1                 POP     AF              ; Restore character
FEE5 ED45       ARETN:  RETN                    ; Return from NMI

FEE7 00                 NOP

FEE8 DF63               DEFB    0DFH,FUNC
                INLINE: SCAL    INLIN           ; Get an input line
FEEA D5                 PUSH    DE              ; Save cursor address
FEEB D5                 PUSH    DE              ; Cursor address to HL
FEEC E1                 POP     HL
FEED 112F00             LD      DE,48-1         ; Length of line-1
FEF0 19                 ADD     HL,DE           ; Point to end of line
FEF1 7E         ENDLIN: LD      A,(HL)          ; Get end of line
FEF2 FE20               CP      " "             ; Space?
FEF4 C202FF             JP      NZ,LINTBF       ; No - Copy to buffer
FEF7 1D                 DEC     E               ; Back 1 character
FEF8 3E00               LD      A,0             ; Wasteful test on E
FEFA B3                 OR      E
FEFB CA02FF             JP      Z,LINTBF        ; Start of line - Copy it
FEFE 2B                 DEC     HL              ; Back 1 character
FEFF C3F1FE             JP      ENDLIN          ; Keep looking for end

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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