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June/July/August 1980 · Issue 1

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The program to drive the game replaces the code using the keyboard exactly, apart from the delay routine which follows the end of the original coding.

The program executes from D00H, starting with PIO initialisation and then jumping to the original program.

CA9-CC0 MLOOP Scans the switches, will allow firing of a missile whilst moving left or right.
CC2-CD2 FIRW Fires a missile as per original program.
CD5-CE4 T12 Prevents more than one missile being fired
for each key depression.
CE6-CFC   )
D0D-D20   )
LEW Move left, as per original program.
D00-D0A START Initialises PIO; Starts program.
D22-D4A REW Move right, as per original program.
FD2-FDE SLOW Controls speed of movement, by value at FD4

In principle, the ideas given above can be adapted to suit many games. The unit makes Space Invasion much easier to play and saves wear and tear on the keyboard when hitting the keys in the excitment of the game.

Page 25 of 48