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June/July/August 1980 · Issue 1

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On Basic I found the following to be of use :

Illustrating Basic, Alcock: C.U.P. (Paperback recommended).

Microsoft Basic, Ken Knecht : Dilitium. On general theory, but exceedingly expensive – you have been warned.

Compiler Construction For Digital Computers, D. Gries, J. Wiley. (8.00-10.00 in paperback) probably the bible, but also probably slightly dated–? Not for beginners.

Writing Interactive Interpreters and Compilers, P. Brown: J. Wiley. (8.00). A book which is fun to read, and makes you feel that you could write your own compiler. Emphasis very much on Basic.

Understanding and Writing Compilers, R. Bornat: Macmillan. (6.00) Paperback. Much heavier than Brown, but with more meat and also more oriented to Pascal/​Algol type languages. Not for the beginner.

Structured System Programming, Welsh & McKeag: Prentice Hall. (14.00) Interesting in that it presents a Mini Pascal Compiler written in Pascal, and shows the importance of structure in writing clear programs.

System Programming, Donovan: McGraw Hill. (6.50). A useful book which looks at the theory and implementation of Assemblers, Compilers, Interpreters and Operating Systems. Although using IBM assembly language, it is quite clear, and forms a good introduction to these subjects.

On the subject of programming with style – has anyone looked inside the Nascom Basic ? It’s only a 8080 basic, with input output patches all over it. It provokes the throught of how much faster/​more compact it would be if it were written in Z80 code from the ground up. Benchmarks on the Xtal Basic and Nascom Basic might be interesting to compare.


Classified Ads

For sale, Texas ‘Silent 700’ terminal, type 745. A completely portable thermal printer/​terminal with built-in telephone modem (US standard, but alterable). 96 character ASCII character set. The whole thing is the size of a portable typewriter. Roughly 2 years old (inspection stamps dated Apr 78) and very little used. Thermal paper costs about 1.50 a roll from Texas. Would cost over 1500.00 if bought new, yours for 600.00 or near offer. Phone Dave, __-___ ____,

Two Olivetti TE318 teletypes. Upper/​lower case, ASCII, nice looking typeface, with paper punch/​reader. 110 BAUD input. Fully working, but no guarantee though. Offers around 200.00 each. Phone James Roberts, __-___ ____.

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