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June/July/August 1980 · Issue 1

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Doctor Dark’s Diary

Doctor Dark’s Diary – Episode 6.

I don’t understand high finance, so I don’t know why Nascom called in the receiver. I don’t know why anyone would suddenly decide not to invest in something that is obviously a winner, but I do hope we will have it all explained to us. And if my Nascom-ERNIE interface works, I have no doubts at all, I’?ll tend Nascom my #250,000 prize, if it will help!

Fingers crossed now. As long as these get printed, I’ll keep writing them.

Feedback – 1

Feedback I was going to be a short program (9 bytes) to give back the use of the backspace key when using ‘L’ to load free programs. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to get it to work. If the author of the letter can explain this, I will not name him!

Feedback – 2+3

Mike Phillips of Wiltshire and W.S. Lounds of Lancaster both sent in Nas-Sys verions of Intabs. As Mr. Lounds has had his published in the Liverpool Software Gazette, here is the Mike Phillips’ version.

It gets the ‘RST’ instructions right, and is even more amazing when you are told “this program was produced by hand disassembling the published routine to give a source program, after which the various calls were modified to run under Nas-Sys. This stage was not too easy for me, as I do not know T4 (or T2 or B-Bug), and a little guess work was called for.” Mr. Phillips went on to suggest that it would be helpful if a list of sub-routine calls for the various monitors could be printed. Naturally (being from the Frog Star) I suggested he might wish to do it, and offered to supply him with copies of the T2 and T4 listings. All we need do now is wait.... (Or turn to the article in this issue –Ed.)

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