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September 1980 – January 1981, Issue 2

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D.J.Software ?

In the last issue of INMC80 News there is a very interesting article about converting Zeap 1.0 to Nas-Sys operation. I would like to obtain a copy of the patch tape mentioned in this article, but I cannot find any other reference to DJ Software who supply it.

Please can anyone give me their address?


Ed. – Sorry, we don’t know. Any offers ?

Heaps of Praise

The last issue (INMC 80-1) of the newsletter exceeded all expectations (including the one that it might not come at all !). Personally, I would not complain if the subscription was increased, as it represents such good value. “Piranha” is worth the annual subscription alone. Come to that, so is the modification to set the Nascom 2 cassette interface running at 2400 Baud! (Eat your hearts out T**dy, P*t etc.).

Thank you.
Graham Smith

Plotting Mods.

Dear INMC80,

With reference to INMC 80 Iss.1, may I suggest the following changes to M.Taylor’s plotting routine. In general it is convenient to have the origin on the bottom left rand corner. Also a MOVE not LINE command may be desired.

The following changes are proposed:

This modification allows the user to move the cursor (or pointer) across the screen and draw lines from any two points. The following variables are used:

A – X-coordinate (horizontal)
B – Y-coordinate (vertical)
T – (=1 Move to coordinate, =2 Line to coordinate)
<First command must be a move>

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