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May–September 1981, Issue 4

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4.00, whilst re-susbcription will cost you 6.00 (even though for 6.00, you will be sure of getting one as this also covers the postage and subscription administration). Well we’re going to stop that one, from now on the retail price in your local dealers is going to be 1.50 (and we’re going to charge the dealers more for it), so that means a greater incentive to you to resubsribe, and that INMC80 can probably continue for some time without increasing the subscription rate.

With the imminent demise of Nascom in sight, we felt that to keep this newsletter going, it would be neccessary to ‘latch on to’ some other product that would provide the membership which in turn would provide the income to allow us to continue. You see, although this newsletter is NOT a commercial vehicle for the benefit of any manufacturer, without the support of manufacturers in producing products which they sell, and you buy and then want to know more about, we can not exist. To this end, in the last but one issue it was mooted that as there are more Nasbus compatible products around than those that originate from Nascom, we ought to become less Nascom orientated and more Nasbus orientated. We asked you for your views, and out of a membership of about 2,000, and judging by the numbers of newsletters sold in all, a readership well in excess of 4,000, we received no less that 4 replies. Staggering isn’t it, 0.1% replied!!!! Does that mean that the other 3996 readers don’t care what we do, or is the lack of positive action to be taken as disapproval, or that the whole question is so obvious that it doesn’t require comment, or what? I might add that those four letters were all in favour. (Dr. Dark seems to be in favour as well, from his comments in the last Dr. Dark’s Diary.)

All this leads up to the quandary we are now in. Nascom have had a last minute reprieve and, at the same time, what amounts to a new computer based on a similar bus structure is soon to be launched. The software for the new computer will be derived from much of the existing Nascom software. No it’s not a rip-off, most of Nascom’s software is either ‘public domain’ or privately owned by individuals not in any way connected with Nascom. These guys saw their products about to die with Nascom and have done the sensible thing of adapting their software to the new machine, in many cases with considerable enhancements.

On Nascoms’ death we intended to switch our allegience to the bus, and so by implication to the new computer, which with it’s close adherence to existing Nascom design conventions would allow us to continue, to the benefit of our Nascom readership, and of course, to owners of the new machine.

Now, what are we to do. Support Nascom and Nascom products only? Or support the bus, and by so doing, support Nascom and anything else that comes along?

It is our belief that to support the bus would be the best course. That way we will be able to keep our readership informed of developments on all fronts. But it is up to you to let us know. We wish to be guided by our members. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop us a line. Make it simple, Nascom only or the bus? We expect to receive hundreds of letters (not just four). If, you feel this matter should be debated, then write to the letters column. We don’t intend taking any decisions until the issue after next, so if we’ve stirred up a hornets nest (I personally hope so) we’ll publish the letters in the next issue and let the membership decide.

In the meantime, in this issue and the next, we will try to keep our usual balance, but so that you know what is coming, we include details of the new machine.

So, to finish up, life is almost back to normal Nascomwise. We look forward to the new developments on the Nascom front (and if they remember to tell us first, we’ll pass any news on to the most important Nascom owners, YOU, as fast as we can). In the meantime we want to open the bus debate. So please write, I can promise you your comments will be considered fully, although I doubt if we’ll have time to reply to individuals. Don’t forget, we need material for this rag, so keep it coming. Until the next time…

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