Spring 1979, Issue 2

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Situations Vacant – Software

Nascom Microcomputers are looking for a programmer to work on disc operating systems and languages. If you would like to be considered please send a brief career resume to Tony Rundle, Software Director, ___, ____ ______, Berkhamsted, Herts.

Another Nascom Users Group

Prank M. Butler would like to hear from other local NAS­COM users with a view to starting a club in North Wales. Enquiries to:

Frank M Butler,
__, ______ ____,
____ ___
Telephone: Mansfield (____) _____

Double Mastermind

A code guessing game for the Nascom 1.   By D. Ritchie.

This programme was included in the first batch of programmes issued by the INMC. Unfortunately, it did not copy very well, and a number of customers were unable to read the object code listing. We are, therefore, including a copy of the object listing in the newsletter. The source listing will continue to be available from the INMC library in the normal way.

Notes on the game

Codes are made up of any combination of four of the octal digits (0 – 7).

The score for each guess is given as 2 digits. The first is the number of correct digits in correct position. The second is the number of correct digits in the wrong position.

You and the machine take alternate guesses at each others code. You first enter a guess at the machines code, ‘newline’ gives your score. Another ‘newline’ gives the machines guess at your code. After entering its score, ‘newline’ lets you enter your next guess, and so on until both codes are found. Pressing R will re-start the game at any time. Backspace can be used to correct entries.

Notes on Programme

Start address is 0D22
0F65 to 0FA0 approx. are used for storage.

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