Summer 1979, Issue 3

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INMC 3 also contains monosodium glutamate, permitted colouring matter, ion exchange reagents, toluene di-isocyanate, office coffee (very nasty), methanol, nitromethane, non-milk fats and traces of wisdom, wit and humour (less than 3 parts per million)

INMC 3 has been awarded a U certificate by the British Board of Software Censors and an X certificate by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Computers.

STANDARDS: All hardware projects, modifications etc. published in INMC 3 have nothing whatever to do with MIL SPEC 999/X/43 , DEF 95 (classified), VDE, IEEE, S100, US NAVY STD. 7094, ICCC or the Construction and Use Regulations,1964.

No liability can be accepted for brain damage, CPU malfunctions, hebrephrenic schizophrenia or indigestion caused by reading INMC3.

This is an OCR’d version of the scanned page and likely contains recognition errors.

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