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January–February 1984, Volume 3, Issue 1

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Dis-assembly of NAS­COM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    61

F229 B7         TESTR:  OR      A               ; Test if enough room
F22A 0E                 DEFB    (LD C,n)        ; No garbage collection done
F22B F1         GRBDON: POP     AF              ; Garbage collection done
F22C F5                 PUSH    AF              ; Save status
F22D 2A5A10             LD      HL,(STRSPC)     ; Bottom of string space in use
F230 EB                 EX      DE,HL           ; To DE
F231 2AC310             LD      HL,(STRBOT)     ; Bottom of string area
F234 2F                 CPL                     ; Negate length (Top down)
F235 4F                 LD      C,A             ; -Length to BC
F236 06FF               LD      B,-1            ; BC = -ve length of string
F238 09                 ADD     HL,BC           ; Add to bottom of space in use
F239 23                 INC     HL              ; Plus one for 2's complement
F23A CD8AE6             CALL    CPDEHL          ; Below string RAM area?
F23D DA47F2             JP      C,TESTOS        ; Tidy up if not done else err
F240 22C310             LD      (STRBOT),HL     ; Save new bottom of area
F243 23                 INC     HL              ; Point to first byte of string
F244 EB                 EX      DE,HL           ; Address to DE
F245 F1         POPAF:  POP     AF              ; Throw away status push
F246 C9                 RET

F247 F1         TESTOS: POP     AF              ; Garbage collect been done?
F248 1E1A               LD      E,OS            ; ?OS Error
F24A CAC1E3             JP      Z,ERROR         ; Yes - Not enough string apace
F24D BF                 CP      A               ; Flag garbage collect done
F24E F5                 PUSH    AF              ; Save status
F24F 012BF2             LD      BC,GRBDON       ; Garbage collection done
F252 C5                 PUSH    BC              ; Save for RETurn
F253 2AAF10     GARBGE: LD      HL,(LSTRAM)     ; Get end of RAM pointer
F256 22C310     GARBLP: LD      (STRBOT),HL     ; Reset string pointer
F259 210000             LD      HL,0
F25C E5                 PUSH    HL              ; Flag no string found
F25D 2A5A10             LD      HL,(STRSPC)     ; Get bottom of string space
F260 E5                 PUSH    HL              ; Save bottom of string space
F261 21B310             LD      HL,TMSTPL       ; Temporary string pool
F264 EB         GRBLP:  EX      DE,HL
F265 2AB110             LD      HL,(TMSTPT)     ; Temporary string pool pointer
F268 EB                 EX      DE,HL
F269 CD8AE6             CALL    CPDEHL          ; Temporary string pool done?
F26C 0164F2             LD      BC,GRBLP        ; Loop until string pool done
F26F C2B8F2             JP      NZ,STPOOL       ; No - See if in string area
F272 2AD610             LD      HL,(PROGND)     ; Start of simple variables
F275 EB         SMPVAR: EX      DE,HL
F276 2AD810             LD      HL,(VAREND)     ; End of simple variables
F279 EB                 EX      DE,HL
F27A CD8AE6             CALL    CPDEHL          ; All simple strings done?
F27D CA8BF2             JP      Z,ARRLP         ; Yes - Do string arrays
F280 7E                 LD      A,(HL)          ; Get type of variable
F281 23                 INC     HL
F282 23                 INC     HL
F283 B7                 OR      A               ; "S" flag set if string
F284 CDBBF2             CALL    STRADD          ; See if string in string area
F287 C375F2             JP      SMPVAR          ; Loop until simple ones done
Dis-assembly of NAS­COM ROM BASIC Ver 4.7                PAGE    62

F28A C1         GNXARY: POP     BC              ; Scrap address of this array
F28B EB         ARRLP:  EX      DE,HL
F28C 2ADA10             LD      HL,(ARREND)     ; End of string arrays
F28F EB                 EX      DE,HL
F290 CD8AE6             CALL    CPDEHL          ; All string arrays done?
F293 CAE1F2             JP      Z,SCNEND        ; Yes - Move string if found
F296 CD62F8             CALL    LOADFP          ; Get array name to BCDE
F299 7B                 LD      A,E             ; Get type of array
F29A E5                 PUSH    HL              ; Save address of num of dim'ns
F29B 09                 ADD     HL,BC           ; Start of next array
F29C B7                 OR      A               ; Test type of array
F29D F28AF2             JP      P,GNXARY        ; Numeric array - Ignore it
F2A0 22C510             LD      (CUROPR),HL     ; Save address of next array
F2A3 E1                 POP     HL              ; Get address of num of dim'ns
F2A4 4E                 LD      C,(HL)          ; BC = Number of dimensions
F2A5 0600               LD      B,0
F2A7 09                 ADD     HL,BC           ; Two bytes per dimension size
F2A8 09                 ADD     HL,BC
F2A9 23                 INC     HL              ; Plus one for number of dim'ns
F2AA EB         GRBARY: EX      DE,HL
F2AB 2AC510             LD      HL,(CUROPR)     ; Get address of next array
F2AE EB                 EX      DE,HL
F2AF CD8AE6             CALL    CPDEHL          ; Is this array finished?
F2B2 CA8BF2             JP      Z,ARRLP         ; Yes - Get next one
F2B5 01AAF2             LD      BC,GRBARY       ; Loop until array all done
F2B8 C5         STPOOL: PUSH    BC              ; Save return address
F2B9 F680               OR      80H             ; Flag string type
F2BB 7E         STRADD: LD      A,(HL)          ; Get string length
F2BC 23                 INC     HL
F2BD 23                 INC     HL
F2BE 5E                 LD      E,(HL)          ; Get LSB of string address
F2BF 23                 INC     HL
F2C0 56                 LD      D,(HL)          ; Get MSB of string address
F2C1 23                 INC     HL
F2C2 F0                 RET     P               ; Not a string - Return
F2C3 B7                 OR      A               ; Set flags on string length
F2C4 C8                 RET     Z               ; Null string - Return
F2C5 44                 LD      B,H             ; Save variable pointer
F2C6 4D                 LD      C,L
F2C7 2AC310             LD      HL,(STRBOT)     ; Bottom of new area
F2CA CD8AE6             CALL    CPDEHL          ; String been done?
F2CD 60                 LD      H,B             ; Restore variable pointer
F2CE 69                 LD      L,C
F2CF D8                 RET     C               ; String done - Ignore
F2D0 E1                 POP     HL              ; Return address
F2D1 E3                 EX      (SP),HL         ; Lowest available string area
F2D2 CD8AE6             CALL    CPDEHL          ; String within string area?
F2D5 E3                 EX      (SP),HL         ; Lowest available string area
F2D6 E5                 PUSH    HL              ; Re-save return address
F2D7 60                 LD      H,B             ; Restore variable pointer
F2D8 69                 LD      L,C
F2D9 D0                 RET     NC              ; Outside string area - Ignore
F2DA C1                 POP     BC              ; Get return , Throw 2 away
F2DB F1                 POP     AF              ;
F2DC F1                 POP     AF              ;
F2DD E5                 PUSH    HL              ; Save variable pointer
F2DE D5                 PUSH    DE              ; Save address of current
F2DF C5                 PUSH    BC              ; Put back return address
F2E0 C9                 RET                     ; Go to it

NASCOM ROM BASIC source code is available in ASM and LST file format.

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