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September 1980 – January 1981, Issue 2

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To run this program, first initialise the Basic interpreter with the ‘J’ command. Then return to the monitor and execute the above program by typing E D00 NL. This will generate the program in Basic and return control to the interpreter. Then type ‘LIST’ NL and the instructions will be displayed alongside their ASCII (CHR$) values. Note that the line numbers are in reverse order. Basic uses a list of memory addresses rather than line numbers to determine which order the information is printed out.

B.E. Kelly,
Yate, Bristol.

Money Wasters !!

Dear Sir,

If, as you claim, you are short of money then I suggest you stop wasting our subscriptions on publishing c**p – like pages 4 and 48 of Issue 80-1.

Dr. G.R. Kelman.

More Praise

Dear INMC80,

I was very pleased to hear that the INMC was back in business with the same committee. INMC(80) News is by far the best of the microcomputer journals if you are a Nascom owner. The only thing the others do better is get advertisements – good luck in your efforts. Provided that they are Nascom-related I don’t see any objection to much more than the 5 pages you have suggested, provided of course that there is still some editorial matter left. Related possibilities that you have probably considered already are the insertion of separate advertising material when mailing the News, and using the mailing list for an independent mailing shot of advertising matter. I’m not usually all that keen on being on mailing lists, but would welcome it in this case; it isn’t easy to keep track of all the hardware and software being offered for Nascoms these days, though it is certainly encouraging that other manufacturers are showing so much interest.

Could I suggest that a review of the ways of housing a Nascom would be useful ? I have a Vero frame – Vero’s own, not the Nascom version – but am not all that pleased with it, especially not with the accessories (front panels) which turn out to be unsuitable for Nascom 2 after they have been sold to you !

Dr. Dark

I’m sure someone must have made the point, but as the statement has been printed twice can I correct the impression that ED6B is an unpublished op code. It is in the manuals as LD HL,(nn), although there is a shorter version: 2A. Similarly, ED7B, mentioned in INMC News 7 is listed as LD SP,(nn).

Yours sincerely,

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