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July–September 1987, Volume 1, Issue 3

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Volume 1. Issue 3.


Page 3Contents and Editorial
Page 5Doctor Dark’s Diary – Episode 26
Page 10Gemini Maintenance Memorandom
Page 11Disk Formats and CP/M Disk Routines – Part 3
Page 17Dealer Profile – Off Records
Page 19Letters to the Editor
Page 25The ZCPR3 System – Part 2 – Installation
Page 35Soft Warm Boot on a Nascom
Page 37A Visit to Io Research
Page 42Upgrading a GM813 to 256K
Page 48Scorpio System Goes “Compatible"
Page 50Re-view of the Elonex PC-286
Page 56The Dave Hunt Pages on PCs/MS-DOS
Page 63Private Adverts

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When you receive the next issue of Scorpio News, you are going to be asked to vote with your cheque books. By then it would be ‘nice if ve knew what proposed Future direction for the magazine is going to guarantee that the maximum number of people resubscribe. So this time, do please cast your vote (very topical thie; as T write it’s the General Election next veekl). Let us know what you want to see happen. Are you going to resubseribe? if not, why not? What Content do you want to see? Would you like the magazines more or lees frequently? “Would you like lower or Mi

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Nascom – 10 Years On

‘This November seo the 10th anniversary of the Launch of Nascom 1. I’m sure that some of you, ax T do, eve thiv as an ideal opportunity for « happening’

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