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October–December 1987, Volume 1, Issue 4

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October – December 1987


Volume 1. Issue 4.


Page 3Contents and Editorial
Page 4Dealer Profile – Kenilworth Computers
Page 5Gemini GM880 Hitachi 64180 CPU/RAM 80-BUS Board
Page 7Preview of the GM890 Z280 Processor Board
Page 11Letters to the Editor
Page 15Disk Formats and CP/M Disk Routines – Part 4
Page 21Re-view of two Modula 2s
Page 24Re-view of the NE889 Battery “M” Drive
Page 25Doctor Dark’s Diary – Episode 27
Page 31The MAP-80 VFC, MPI and 256K RAM cards
Page 33WordStar V3.30 for the Gemini IVC/SVC
Page 34Soft-ware Re-view – Scorpio Systems Disk + PCB package
Page 36Comments from the PC software’s author
Page 37Obtaining 00H to FFH from the Nascom Keyboard
Page 38The Dave Hunt Pages – PCs and MS-DOS
Page 45Private Sales
Page 46A Quick Look at GEM
Page 47730K Disks in an AT
Page 51Transferring files from 80-BUS to Amstrad 1512
Page 52A Brief Look at WordStar 4
Page 53Gemini GM886 Intel 80286 CPU 80-BUS Board
Page 53Editor’s Note on new 80-BUS Products
Pages 2,54-55Advertisements

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Nascom – 10 Years On

Thank you to everyone who wrote in about the proposed Nascom – 10 Years On event. There was an avalanche of mail on the topic, and you have given us a lot to consider. Whatever we do I am sure that it will be an event to remember. In due course we will be writing directly to all of you who have been in touch with us, it still isn’t too late.

To re-cap, this November will be the 10th anniversary of the launch of Nascom 1, the machine that started (well, almost) the 80-BUS that we all know and love today. We are going to arrange a “happening” and have asked readers to write in and let us know what they would like the event to be (see last issue’s Editorial). We are then going to take an “average” of the suggestion. So, if you too are interested, the please let us know soon (in writing).

What’s New

Ever so often sometime will say to me – “It’s pity that 80-BUS is dying out – I think it’s great. Why are there no new developments taking place?” Well, maybe Gemini’s laid-back policy to publicity (i.e. they really don’t tend to do very much) is the reason, but there has never been a let-up in 80-BUS developments, and I think that this issue of Scorpio News shows that there is still much going on.

In the following pages you will find details of THREE new 80-BUS CPU boards. As I write, none of the boards are actually here yet (what’s new?), but they all exist in pre-production form and so should be with us RSN (Real Soon Now). I was going to offer some advice on how to choose between the 64180 and the Z280 based boards but I haven’t really had chance to way up the pros-and-cons myself yet. Please do read my notes on page 53.

You will also find a brief technical specification of Gemini’s 80286 CPU/RAM board. Now do you see another reason why we thought that it was becoming appropriate to include some coverage on MS-DOS in Scorpio News? And there may be yet another purpose soon!

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